The Celts believed firmly in the interconnectedness of all life and produced the familiar Celtic Knots, which are interlaced patterns with no beginning and no end. Today, their artwork is popular on pendants and rings.

The Claddagh is a traditional symbol of love and friendship. The design of the Claddagh consists of a heart as a symbol of love, a crown as a symbol of fidelity or loyalty and hands depicting friendship. Tradition states that if you are spoken for you should wear the Claddagh on your left hand facing inward but if you are unattached it should be worn facing outward on the right hand.

Celtic crosses symbolize the four quarters of the Earth or the four elements water, earth, wind and fire . They are equal armed crosses, which are enclosed or backed by a circle Celtic crosses are often worn as jewelry such as rings or on chains around the neck. One of my favourite pieces can be seen here:

 Celtic Cross Pendants – .925 Sterling Silver Celtic Cross Necklace Pendant 22mm x 15mm

Geometric designs have always feature largely in Celtic artwork with spirals, chevrons, scrolls and knot work. Many of these patterns can be seen decorating stone carvings or ancient manuscripts and religious books. The Celtic spirals are very symbolic with the single spiral generally thought to signify growth expansion and cosmic energy.

The dual centered spiral found often on stone carvings signifies duality and nature and is associated with motifs from other cultures such as the Ying Yang symbol. Celtic knot work designs remain popular today and can vary from single elegant knot patterns to complex intricate interlaced patterns.

The Celtic way of life and culture may be gone, but its artwork lives on. Today’s society has quickly grasped the sheer beauty and meaning in their creations. Wearing a wedding ring with a design that has been around as long as the wedding itself, can only be a positive sign.

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