I wear Celtic pendants, not only because they look nice and fit right in with the polo – styled shirts I wear.   I look at them more as a badge of honor.  Initially looked at as accessory pieces, I recently did some research to find out the incredible stories behind them and it has made me even more proud that I wear them. 

Commonly located throughout central Europe, Celtic languages, culture and people were very unique to others even at that time.  The Celts were known famously for their craftsmanship and mastery in metalwork, and have produced great works that are retained by designers and artists today. 

Here are some of the most common symbols that you will see in Celtic pendants and the origins behind them.


One of the most popular designs, these ringed crosses can be traced back to the Ireland churches.  Made of stone, they feature the knot patterns commonly associated with Celtic jewelry and artwork.  Originally accepted from the Druids, the symbol later became a symbol of eternal life as the Celts embraced Christianity.


Another common and popular pattern, its classic design is woven throughout the fabric of many Celtic symbols.  The symbol represents the association of all things.  It displays how even things so enormously different, can be interrelated or interdependent.  There are several types and patterns of knots in Celtic jewelry.


Who doesn’t love shamrocks? These wonderful three-leafed clovers ring up images of the national symbol of Ireland.  Originally used by Saint Patrick, there are figured to be the representation of the Holy Trinity.

It’s easy to enjoy the benefits of Celtic pendants even if you’re not of Celtic heritage.  From history buffs, to trendy style admirers, to the Celtic proud, anyone can benefit and learn from wearing Celtic jewelry.  I know I do.

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