It is difficult for people to pass you by unnoticed when you wear a Celtic pendant. Why is this so? This is because these jewelry are alluring and intricately patterned artworks.

They enable you stand out because they are strikingly beautiful. And, they are not mere accessories- the designs are imbued with riveting, deep and inspirational meaning. They also project a hint of mystery. Talk about an exquisite blend of style and substance.

Naturally, Celtic jewelry comes in the form of earrings, necklaces, buckles, rings and so on. This short piece is focused on the pendants. As mentioned above; the designs are attractive works of craftsmanship.But, you might be wondering, what do some of the common symbols mean? Let us explore a few. The knowledge will guide you in choosing appropriate designs.

Before we do that, who were the Celts? They were a tribe who lived in Britain before and after Jesus Christ. About two thousand years ago! They lived there during the Iron Age, and are to be found mainly in Scotland, Ireland and Wales today.

Let us look at the meaning behind the cross, knots and claddagh: The cross is believed to be a symbol of eternity, which originated with Saint Patrick. He supposedly infused the Christian symbol with elements that the pagans converting to Christianity would be able to relate to. Another view is that the cross represents the four directions: east, north, west and south. And another sees it as indicative of the elements: water, air, fire and wind.

Knots reflect the oneness or the interconnected of all things. The images show the “web of life”. The claddagh represents love and friendship. It shows two hands clasping a crowned heart! I feel like rushing to a store to buy one for my better half. The claddagh image is from an Irish tale of love and loyalty.

Thus, you can see that the jewelry are compelling creations that will add colour to your wardrobe, and probably win you more friends, because folks are bound to say hello, lured by your irresistible Celtic pendant.

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