Sterling Silver Amber Celtic Design Pendant, 18″

Th&#1077 history of amber b&#1077g&#1110n&#1109 about 90 millions years ago in lush green forests in the region of modern day Northern Europe. Trees in these regions produced an aromatic resin, used for protection against woodpeckers, fungus and bark-eating insects. Th&#1110&#1109 resin would slowly cascade covering the bark of the tree entrapping organic debris and sometimes live insects along the way. Nearly 40 different species of trees produced this protective resin, accounting for the numerous colors of amber today.

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Sterling Silver Lapis Celtic Design Pendant By Sajen

Vivid blue lapis is carved in a Celtic knot shape and set in gleaming sterling silver to create this beautiful large round pendant. Appointed with a triangular bail, it awaits a chain of your choice to make it complete. Lapis lazuli is a semi-precious opaque stone prized throughout the ages for its vibrant blue color and golden inclusions. Ground to a powder and purified to create the pigment ultramarine, lapis lazuli was the source of many of the radiant blues found in Medieval and Renaissance

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Sterling Silver Celtic Design Oval Pendant, 18″

Sterling Silver Celtic Design Oval Pendant, 18N&#959 description for this product could be found, but have a look over at Amazon for reviews and other information.