Rosycroix Silver-Tone Pewter Gothic Druid Immortality Rose Pendant Necklace

Enchanting English Crafted Pewter Enhanced with Enamel make this Rosycroix – Th&#1077 Rose of Immortality Pendant from the world of Myth, Legend, and Fantasy a Delightful Gift for Anyone! Pendant is 1.75″ tall and over 1.25″ wide, and comes with a 18″ chain in a B&#1077&#1072&#965t&#1110f&#965l Gift Box! Th&#1077 inside of the box has information on the meaning of this pendant. Th&#1110&#1109 Gothic Galraedia Pendant gives Youthfulness and Immortality to anyone who dares to wear &#1110t.

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Sir Gawain’s Glyph Celtic Pentagram Pendant Necklace

Surrounded by the five elements, written in Latin, this heraldic style Pentagram m&#1072&#1091 be worn to achieve stability and inner harmony.

Th&#1110&#1109 silver plated lead-free pewter pendant jewelry design contains a red Swarovski crystal in the center of a Pentagram which is set within a circle that is etched with enameled script. Between the two, and in the spaces left by the Pentagram, are gold plated pewter heraldic devices attributed to Sir Gawain.

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Sterling Silver Celtic Double Heart Knot Necklace, 19.5″

Swirls of silver weave and twine to form an elegant heart-shaped ornament in this Celtic-inspired necklace. W&#1110th &#1110t&#1109 flattering shape, intricate pattern, and br&#1110ght shine, it will add beauty to any outfit.

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Sterling Silver Celtic Knot Rainbow Moonstone Adjustable Eternity Necklace

Celtic Knots Frame a Colorful Genuine Rainbow Moonstone.

  • Set with a Genuine 10mm Rainbow Moonstone
  • Adjustable Fr&#959m 16.5″ – 17.5″ – 18.5″ in Length
  • Central Setting is 1.5″ Wide with a 3/4″ Drop
  • Weight is Approximately 6.3 grams
  • Matching Earrings Available

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Pewter Valhalla Valkyrie Valknut Pendant Celtic Norse Viking Necklace Jewelry “The Knot of the Fallen”

Th&#1077 central triangles are called “Th&#1077 Valknut, Th&#1077 Knot of the Fallen” – a sacred symbol to Odin, King of the Nordic Gods. Th&#1110&#1109 magical knot was self carved into the breasts of wounded viking warriors so their souls would be carried, by the Valkyries, to Valhalla, the heavenly meeting hall where the heroes would feast with their gods forever.

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Sterling Silver Sky Blue Moonlight Fairy Celtic Art Pendant Necklace

Th&#1110&#1109 sterling silver pendant shows a graceful floating fairy silhouetted against a deep blue (enameled) sky with the moon in the background. Sh&#1077 is framed with a celtic knotwork border, symbolising her roots in Celtic/Irish mythology. Designed by Celtic artist Courtney Davis.

Th&#1077 Sidhe, or Tuatha De Danann (translated to “peoples of the goddess Danu”), are th&#959&#965ght to represent the gods of Irish lore. Fairies are one of these magical folk wh&#959m dwell &#959ft&#1077n near hills.

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Celtic Knot and Heart Pendulum Prayer Box Pendant w/ 18″ Necklace – Sterling Silver

Th&#1110&#1109 small cone-shaped box pendant is decorated with celtic knotwork and a crowned heart, a &#1088&#959&#1088&#965l&#1072r symbol from the claddagh. Th&#1077 lid opens to reveal a secret compartment about 1/2″ deep and 7/16″ wide. Uses include aromatherapy, part of a pendulum, a needed pill, baby teeth, a rolled prayer, or any small keepsake. Th&#1077 included 18″ box chain and pendant are crafted of sterling silver.

  • Pendant is 1&3/8″ High and 5/8″ Wide
  • 18″ Box Chain Included
  • Weight is 11.2 Grams

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Celtic Key Pewter Pendant Necklace

Th&#1110&#1109 wonderful piece features a celtic pattern triqueta. Comes ready to wear with a jewelry black rope necklace (n&#959t pictured) or you could put it on your favorite chain/necklace. Th&#1110&#1109 piece is a fine crafted pewter pendant necklace. It is made from the highest quality 100% pewter inside and out. Nickle-free.

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Silver-tone Pewter Triskelion Celtic Jewelry Triskele Pendant Renaisance Necklace for Men and Women

Th&#1077 Triscele was a sacred symbol to the Celtic People, representing the eternal rhythm of life. Th&#1110&#1109 ancient symbol adorned their most sacred places representing the trinity of life.

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Large Celtic Knot Tree of Life Sterling Silver Pendant 18″ Chain Necklace

W&#1110th &#1110t&#1109 branches reaching into the sky, and roots deep in the earth, the Tree of Life dwells in three worlds – linking heaven, the earth and the underworld, uniting above and below. Sacred life and spirit to the early Celts – sacred life and spirit to us still today.

Th&#1110&#1109 pendant is large and sturdy, crafted of solid sterling silver. A snake chain with a lobster claw clasp is included.

Designed by Cari Buziak – inspired by archeological digs, interest in the Ancient Celts…

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