Sterling Silver Celtic Knot Pendant, 5/8 in. (16 mm)

Th&#1110&#1109 pendant is made of solid sterling silver. Well polished, and comes with a thin sterling silver box chain.


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Large Celtic Pendant Necklace Solid 925 w/ 18″ chain

Solid Sterling Silver Celtic Pendant, Large Size. Interwoven Vine Design. 2.5 Inches Wide x 2.5 Inches Long. 925 Sterling Silver. 18″ Sterling Silver Chain included. Ready to wear right out of the box!


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Celtic Tree of Life Art Symbol with Sun and Moon Sterling Silver Pendant with 18″ Necklace

Th&#1077 Tree of Life is an &#1110m&#1088&#959rt&#1072nt symbol in nearly every culture. W&#1110th &#1110t&#1109 branches reaching into the sky, and roots deep in the earth, it dwells in three worlds- a link between heaven, the earth, and the underworld, uniting above and below.

Pendant and 18″ chain are crafted of sterling silver.

  • Pendant is 11/16″ in Diameter
  • Weight is Approximately 6.7 Grams
  • 18″ Box Chain Included
  • M&#1072rk&#1077d .925

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Sterling Silver Celtic Love Knots Filigree Circle Pendant, 18

A striking Celtic knot design distinguishes this bright sterling silver filigree pendant. It has a circle medallion shape, with interlacing loops radiating from the center, and leaf designs enhancing the interior borders. The pendant is showcased on a polished sterling silver snake chain that measures 18 inches and fastens with a spring ring clasp. A symbol of eternity and interconnectedness, the Celtic knot is a powerful emblem in Irish art.

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Sterling Silver Lapis Celtic Design Pendant By Sajen

Vivid blue lapis is carved in a Celtic knot shape and set in gleaming sterling silver to create this beautiful large round pendant. Appointed with a triangular bail, it awaits a chain of your choice to make it complete. Lapis lazuli is a semi-precious opaque stone prized throughout the ages for its vibrant blue color and golden inclusions. Ground to a powder and purified to create the pigment ultramarine, lapis lazuli was the source of many of the radiant blues found in Medieval and Renaissance

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Sterling Silver Round Celtic Pendant, 18.5″

This dreamy round pendant is crafted in a mix of darkened and polished sterling silver and features a crescent and star cut-out design with Celtic knot and scroll details. The pendant is suspended from an 18-inch sterling silver cable chain. It’s an intriguing accent for everyday, and a nice addition to your Celtic jewelry collection.

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Rising Sun – Interconnected Celtic Knot Tree and Roots of Life Sterling Silver Pendant

With its branches reaching into the sky, and roots deep in the earth, the Tree of Life dwells in three worlds – linking heaven, the earth and the underworld, uniting above and below. Sacred life and spirit to the early Celts – sacred life and spirit to us still today.

This pendant is medium in size and sturdy, crafted of solid sterling silver. Glorious sun rising and shining down through the heavens.

LWPS001 Triquetra Celtic Knot Sterling Silver 25 MM X 25 MM Pendant Charm

Sterling Silver Triquetra Celtic Endless Knot Pendant.

Uncomplicated and straightforward, this piece continues the tradition of the triquetra and Celtic endless knot design in a classic fashion. An endless knot suspended by an uncomplicated bail providing a perfect accent to that special chain. Simple and straightforward, continuing a timeless elegance.Timeless and trouble-free, this piece is characteristic

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What You Should Know about Celtic Pendant

If you are looking for unique necklaces or pendants that you can show off to your friends or if you are just interested in Celtic tradition, you should consider getting yourself a Celtic pendant. The term ‘Celtic’ is derived from the word ‘Celts.’ Celts are ancient people in Europe who lived from 500 BC to 400 AD. Pendants with Celtic designs usually include knots, which symbolize the connectedness of all things on earth, as what some history buffs believe.

Many people love to wear pendants with Celtic designs because they are unique and full of meaning. This is not your typical jewelry. Usually, people wear jewelry because they want to enhance their outfit or their overall appearance. On the other hand, Celtic jewelries like pendants have meanings. If you wear them, it means you also believe in their meanings. Many people also love the idea of wearing ancient people’s symbols because it somehow links them to the past.

You can choose a silver or golden Celtic pendant. Silver is usually cheaper but you can wear it more often than gold since it is more casual, unlike gold which is usually used in more formal or special occasions. Gold is also classier and more sophisticated while silver is trendier and more fashionable. These can also be great gifts to your loved ones. Just imagine the look on the recipient’s face once he or she opens the jewelry box or gift wrap. Just make sure that the recipient also loves Celtic symbolisms as much as you do.

These pendants have styles for both men and women. You can even buy a pair if you and your partner love Celtic jewelries. It can be a symbol of your connection to each other. Instead of giving those typical heart or name pendants, why not give something more special and unique like Celtic pendant?

Sterling Silver Celtic Knot Round Pendant with Rolo Chain, 18″

Sterling Silver Celtic Knot Round Pendant with Rolo Chain, 18

Th&#1110&#1109 b&#1077&#1072&#965t&#1110f&#965l sterling silver pendant features an intricate looping Celtic knot, symbolizing interconnectedness and eternity. Th&#1077 openwork knot design is set inside a silver circle frame, and the pendant is showcased on an 18-inch sterling silver rolo link chain. Whether &#1091&#959&#965’re celebrating an Irish heritage or simply l&#959&#957&#1077 the timeless beauty of Celtic design, this pendant is a fine addition to your collection.

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