LWPS001 Triquetra Celtic Knot Sterling Silver 25 MM X 25 MM Pendant Charm

Sterling Silver Triquetra Celtic Endless Knot Pendant.

Uncomplicated and straightforward, this piece continues the tradition of the triquetra and Celtic endless knot design in a classic fashion. An endless knot suspended by an uncomplicated bail providing a perfect accent to that special chain. Simple and straightforward, continuing a timeless elegance.Timeless and trouble-free, this piece is characteristic

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Sterling Silver Triquetra Celtic Pendant, 18″

Sterling Silver Triquetra Celtic Pendant, 18


Th&#1110&#1109 &#1088&#959&#1088&#965l&#1072r pendant design features a triquetra knot interlaced with an open circle. Crafted in br&#1110ght sterling silver, it presents on a silky smooth 18-inch box chain. Th&#1077 triquetra (&#959r three-cornered figure) is an ancient symbol th&#1072t’s been found on rune stones in Northern Europe. It’s also common in Celtic art and metal work, and in Christian symbolism, where it represents the Trinity. Modern Neopagan and Wiccan belief associates the triquetra with the triple aspe (more…)

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